The Messiah lives in Brooklyn

After a mega dose of psychedelic mushrooms changed his personality forever, the local Brooklyn celebrity and absurdist internet personality known as Messiahsez finds a muse through a YouTube comment who lives on the North Sea. Their relationship deepens as his friend’s health starts to fail. From the Russian saunas of Jewish New York, and cow pastures of The Netherlands, MESSIAHSEZ moves between the online and real world, journeying inside the psyche of a singular mind. 

Under the screenname ‘Messiahsez’, a man named Dennis spends his days in front of an iPhone making videos lambasting popular New York bike lanes, tutorials for baking artisanal kale chips, absurdist guitar instructional videos, and espousing pseudo-religious rhetoric. His unique brand of verbal diarrhea and surreal comedy resonates with people across the internet, attracting a large following of devoted fans. 

In a rural town on the other side of the Atlantic, in The Netherlands, 22 year-old Vincent meets Dennis online through their mutual interest in Blues guitar. An unlikely friendship blossoms, and they share intimate conversations every day over Skype. Vincent’s health takes a turn for the worst and he falls into a coma. Dennis wants to make the pilgrimage to meet in real life, but he may never get the chance to get to know Vincent beyond the computer screen.

Featuring: Messiahsez